Allows users to get paid how they want without handling “sensitive info”


Get complete visibility into wallets with up-to-date information like balances & transaction history.


Give users control over how they send money. Users can immediately make payments.

American Payments Co.

is changing the payment landscape for the better!

Why a top 10 Stripe customer is coming to APC

Single Platform:

Accept, Store, and Disburse. (Previously: painful, slow, and manual reconcillation processes)

Monetization Opportunities:

Through Moov’s Card issuing capabilities

Better UX:

Flexibility and control of the user experience


Additional payment raills available for your merchants and payees (including wallets, RTP)

True partnership:

Our team’s ability, availability and willingness to help

Before American Payments Co.

The payment landscape of “Today’s World” is made up of individual silos allowing the ability for the user experience, payment processing efficiency & consumer data to be compromised.

The data of a single payment, as of today, will be exchanged through various vendors before reaching the “destination”. Simple question, Who manages, has visibility & owns that data?

The payment Landscape with American Payments CO.

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